Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I don't believe in bad days.

I believe in bad minutes,
a bad hour,
or a bad moment
but not a bad day.

I cannot even imagine a day that is only full of bad things.
It's just pretty much impossible that a whole 24 hours will go by without some kind of good.
In my opinion, as long as ONE THING is good, it can not count as a bad day.

There are several key ingredients to my personal insurance policy of 
Bad days can actually be prevented by taking a few simple steps every day.
If I do these few things, I can guarantee that there will be GOOD in my day.
I've been working on this list for a while now and I think it's important.
You should probably make your own list too.

Here it is.
The Lady's TOP TEN for NO BAD DAYS:

#1: Drink a green smoothie.
Nothing says "good day" like drinking your daily need of veggies all before 8 am.  
Getting my veggies out of the way leaves more time for the ice cream.

#2: Go for a walk outside.
Exercise makes me feel good.
I love my cool shoes.
The baby loves to be outside.
The sun makes me happy.

#3: Have a full, deep conversation with my husband.
I speak "baby" for 80% of my life so having a real conversation with an adult is super key to my sanity.
Heated discussions about politics and current events count.
It just happens when you're married to a news reporter.
Although I'm trying my darnedest to leave behind the "heated" part.

#4: Go to Sonic.
The pebble ice.
The flavor shots.
The caffeine.
Happy Hour.
Need I say more?

#5: Contribute to my spiritual self.
Read the scriptures.
Watch a church video.
Write in a journal.
Read an old journal.
Go to and watch the user profile videos.
My current favorite? Crawling into bed in my softie socks, reading the Book of Mormon, and finishing it up with a little crocheting.
I'm an old lady at heart.

#6: Dance.
Dance with your partner.
Dance with your baby.
Dance in the shower.
Dance in the grocery store.
Dance in the car.
Dance while you watch Ellen.
Dance over dinner.
Dance with a Zumba DVD.
Slow dance.
Salsa dance.
Freak dance.
Swing dance.
Ugly dance.
Young Ambassador dance.
Just dance.
Dancing releases endorphins.
I'm making that up...but it sure makes me feel good.

#7 Plan a week of dinners ahead of time.
I am so much happier when I already know what I'm going to make for dinner.
When I don't know ahead of time, I tend to wait until the last minute at which time I cut up loads of fruits and vegetables and give my husband a piece of bread and call it good.
Then I feel like a bad wifey.
I feel so bad that I don't eat my plate of fruits and veggies and I pull out a carton of ice cream instead.
Sometimes I feel so bad that I pour the chocolate sauce straight into the carton.
That makes me feel like a fat lard.
So, then I feel even worse about myself.
It's just better if I plan our meals ahead of time.

#8 Don't go to Wal-mart.
Going to Wal-mart does NOT release endorphins.
It makes me sad.
My quality of life has greatly improved since I stopped going to Wal-mart.
Granted, an occasional visit is necessary.
After all, where else can you get a tattoo for your toilet seat?

#9 Be nice.
Being nice always leads to a good minute or good hour or good day.
Being mean always leads to misery that goes on and on and on.
Case in point: Facebook over the past 3 months.
Can I get a Hallelujah that the election is finally over and facebook friends can go back to being 
Unfortunately, all those mean people were already unfriended.
See...being mean leaves lasting not getting to be my facebook friend anymore.

#10 Go to bed early.
There is nothing an early bedtime can't fix.

Thar she blows.
I will do atleast one of these every day to ensure that I don't ever have a fully bad day...

Hurry up.
Make your own list.
I want to read it when you're finished.


  1. Love it! Especially the old lady at heart part :)

  2. I'm going to take your advice about as long as you have the one good thing a dayit will not make it a bad day! Having 4 kids 6 and under I can get extremely stressed and super awnry, so hopefully I can take this to heart and reflect on the good things that have happened throughout the day!!! I love reading your blog.

  3. Thank you for this! This is so wise and exactly what I needed to read. I was having a sour morning this morning and started making my green smoothie and it sparked something inside of me. "Oh yeah. Annalece had such wise words. I get to choose not to be cranky." It was an off day, and instead of choosing to be upset about it, I just laughed that the bathroom stall door was too big for the frame and I had to hold it closed with my foot while I used the restroom. Thanks friend for spreading goodness all the way over to San Diego. Loves.

  4. This is the best post ever! I seriously laughed, and I meant to comment a few days ago when I first read it but something happened with the computer and I never did. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your thoughts and sense of humor! You make me smile. (P.S. Any updates on our conversation last week??)