Friday, March 1, 2013

Today's tears

Today started just like every other day
except today, I can't stop crying.

Sissy and I woke up at 5:55 just like always
to fill her little belly.
As I peered down through the darkness at her wild bedhead,
I got teary.
Then we laid back down as she finished off her sweet slumbers.

At 8:00 we got up to fix breakfast and lunch for the Mister
and send him on his way.
We packed his bag and kissed him out the door.
We then ran around to the patio so we could wave at him as he went around the house to the parking lot.
As I watched him, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the blue sky, green grass, and my sweet partner heading off to work to make money so we can survive.
The fact that he goes to work five days a week solely to make money that I spend is quite unbelievable to me.
So, I got teary again.

Sissy and I got ready for our morning walk and I gathered the birthday cards I had been meaning to send.
As we walked to the post office and placed the birthday cards in the big blue slot
I remembered how much I miss our family and how I hate that we have to send birthday cards rather than celebrate around a table with cake and ice cream.
It made me a little teary too.

Then we walked to Walgreens for a loaf of bread.
Earlier this week I had exhausted our grocery budget and had, somehow, forgotten to buy bread.
I had put all the cash I had in the house in my pocket before our walk.
The cheapest bread available was $2.39.
It was perfect.
As I was counting out my coins to give to the cashier
the Senior Living bus pulled up to the front door.
A little lady, nearly bent in half from the effects of a long life
caught the eye of Celine.
Celine clapped for her as she crossed the threshold into the Walgreens store.
The woman beamed and came right over and chatted with my little one.
Celine did her best to chat right back
ooh-ing, ahh-ing, and screaching out of excitement.
As we left, the little woman said
"Little girl, you made my day."
So, I walked home in tears overwhelmed with gratitude for this little girl that brings joy to so many.

As we got closer to home we stopped at the pool to cool our feet.
Celine kicked and jumped nearly soaking us both.
She kept glancing up to my eyes to make sure I was paying attention and drinking in the glorious morning.
I am so grateful that she reminds me to pay attention.
This teary morning has reminded me that 
every day is filled with such beautiful moments that are worth celebrating
and even crying about.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the Prophet of the Mormon Church.
"Don't save anything for a special occasion.  
Every day of your life is a special occasion."
-Thomas S. Monson-

Tonight, we are going to celebrate the Mister.
He deserves being celebrated for all that he does to make a happy life for his girls.
We will be having one of his favorite meals,
dancing in the kitchen,
and probably watching a documentary
(as those are his favorite).
I'll probably cry as I give my dinner speech about how grateful we are for him
and what he does for us.

Now the baby is crying.
Maybe she's overwhelmed with gratitude too.
Or maybe she just wants to let me know that she's awoken from her nap and that Mommy had better hop to it.
Probably that.

Have a happy day everyone
and an even happier weekend.
I hope you will find something to celebrate
and possibly cry about.

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