Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Dear Baby,
I just don't even know what to say.
You are 11 months old.
That means that the next birthday post will be for a one year old.
MY one year old.
How is that even possible?

This month was filled with exciting things.
You and I are still bff (but only when Papi's not around)
(truth be told, you are looking at Papi even in this picture...I am truly the third wheel)
Your excitement for, well, everything is contagious and oh-so-funny.
You giggle nearly nonstop.
It is the most wonderful joy bringing sound I've ever heard.
You are still really into taking self portraits.
This month you proved that you truly are my daughter by seeking out the Diet Coke in the house and dumping it all over yourself and Nana's carpet.
Well done.
Nana bought you a phone.
You talk on it all day long.
I'm concerned about our future phone bills.
This month, you and I went on night swims almost every night.
It's our therapy.
You and Papi continued to fall in love.
after day
after day.
You scored your first very own drink on one of our infamous Sonic runs.
Watching you drink out of a straw makes me feel like you are such an adult.
Knock it off.
You were especially helpful this month by helping me teach voice lessons.
You conducted the music while my students sang and made sour faces when they made sour sounds.
I celebrated the happiest Mother's Day of my existence this month.
You are I shared a Sandia con Menta popsicle and Papi whisked us around the city for the perfect Mother's Day date.
You made me a Mother and for that, I owe you one.
But perhaps my favorite part of this month was your new found obsession with the piano.
I park you here at least once a day and you serenade me.
It is really quite fabulous.
You are the best concert giver and I am a pretty stellar audience.
We are a good combo.
Our world continues to revolve around you and life has never been better.
Thanks for letting us kiss you incessantly and squeeze you to bits.
Let's go ahead and slow the next month waaaay down.
Love you, sweet one.

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