Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Family is my favorite

I cannot tell a lie
I love being a Mom.

Being a family of two was so much fun.
We came and went as we pleased.
We went to movies whenever we wanted without finding a babysitter,
hung out with friends,
stayed up late,
slept in,
and went dancing.

Being a family of three is even MORE fun!
We haven't seen many movies at the theatre but our Disney DVD collection is nearly complete.
Our amount of outside friends has decreased but us three have become inseparable.
While Javi still stays up late (Spanish genes), I am in bed most nights by 10:00.
We dance every single day except Javi is always the provider of the music (usually live), the lighting, and he also happens to be the best dance partner for his two ladies.

Yep.  Being a family of three is going to be pretty hard to beat.

Now, here we are.
One week+one day away from induction during which we will become a family of four.
Three girls and one boy.
Javi is super good at having lots of girlfriends and he's got enough kisses to go around so this transition should be a breeze.

So, come on out little girl.
We're ready for you.
As in, I've had your car-seat installed for two weeks
(anxious much?)

I'll make sure that Papi brings his ukulele to the hospital so that you will hear familiar sounds in your first minutes of life.
Celine is SO EXCITED for you to sit by her-at least that's what she keeps telling me.
And Mama can't wait to snuggle your little body,
 smell your new smell,
and imagine what your world was like mere moments before when you were with our Heavenly Father and your three great-grandmothers who I'm sure didn't want to let you go.

But anyway, don't take your time.
We're ready.
Like, right this second.

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