Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Journal,

If I were a photographer, I would always have the loveliest pictures on my blog.

If I were a chef, I'd be really chubby.

If I had to start a reality t.v. show, it would have something to do with "The Real Housewives" and it would have something to do with Utah and it would be brilliant.

If I had loads of money, I would give lots to research a new need I just found out about last night. Read more by clicking on the "I Love Lucy Project" button on the left.

If I had to leave the country tomorrow, I would get on the first flight to Spain to visit the Mister's hometown. Directly following it, I'd nab momma and we'd head to Rio. She loves that place.

If I had the chance, I'd be in school for the rest of my life...minus the tests.

If I could be be really athletic, I'd practice really hard at soccer. The Mister would like that.

If I had to have a dog, I'd have a little one (probably a yorkie) and I would DEFINITELY dress it up and put bows in its hair. But I won't have a dog ESPECIALLY if it wakes me up like Mister's alarm.

If it weren't weird, one of my dearest friends, "L", who frequents our apartment, would probably just move in with the Mister and myself. We love it when she's here. We have loads of good times.

But instead, I'm a teacher. I teach kids to feel good about themselves via their voices and performing. And today, I was brought to tears three different times because I was so proud of those sweet, darling, vulnerable little people. I love to teach. I love those little peeps. They probably think I'm crazy for crying when they do wonderful things, but I can't help it. It just happens.

Anyway, I just really love what I am. I'm quite thrilled about my job and my life and my relationships.

So, goodnight dear journal. Maybe this journal thing won't be so bad after all.


  1. Fun :)
    Made me think of making my own hypothetical list (and I LOVE making lists).

  2. Such a sweet post. And I'm constantly brought to tears when it comes to children you're teaching and when they musically perform wonderfully. I don't think you're crazy, just proud! Well done.