Sunday, August 14, 2011

New York City - July 2011

The Fraser family has done it again! Javi and I were spoiled yet again with another wonderful trip with the Fraser bunch. (Remember this post? Also with the Fraser bunch.) New York City BABY! We arrived on a Tuesday and pretty much ran ourselves to death before Javi and I had to fly out on Friday for a wedding. The rest of the gang stayed through Saturday and what did we miss by leaving early you ask? We missed seeing Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". It was really depressing to receive everyone's phone calls and texts to tell us how wonderful the show was and how terrible it was that we missed it. Thanks guys.

Welp, here goes. We stayed here:
(Matthew Fraser and Taralee Larsen, our most recent addition to the travel crew. This was Taralee's first NY experience so we really showed her around. It was fun to have a first timer!)
The first night we arrived, all we wanted was Rosa's. If you've never eaten at Rosa's you haven't lived. It's right by the LDS temple in NY and you MUST go there and eat the handmade guacamole that they make right in front of you. Delish.
(We were trying to be artistic by making hearts with our hands. It didn't really work out. We had to do SOMETHING while we waited for almost 2 hours to be seated.)
Another time killer during the eternal wait for Rosa's was modeling photo shoots. Chloe has really got it down.
The next day, Javi and I headed out early to try and find my sister-in-law Erin. My brother Mark was in meetings all day so we were given the task of locating the SIL so she could hang out with us. 3 hours later we still hadn't found her. It was an AWESOME morning. In the meantime, the rest of the crew was at The American Museum of Natural History enjoying an educational experience. We eventually met up with them and enjoyed many, many things.

We dug for dinosaur fossils:
We almost bought this dinosaur backpack for my first day of my second college degree (more on that later...since we're moving and BYU is here. I'll explain in another post.)
We explored an exhibit about the brain and learned that we must teach our children many languages before the age of 5. We learned that children can pick up any language you hand them if they begin before the age of 5. Done and Done. English, Espanol, and ASL here we come!
(Chloe and Javi are deep thinkers)
The first night was finished off with the musical "Sister Act". Can you say UH-MA-ZING? I would have watched it ten times in a row and never complained. The music: incredible. The set: unbelievable. The cherry coke: priceless. (I kind of decided that I needed a cherry coke for both shows. I don't know what my sudden obsession was with cherry coke, but it happened.)
(Dad, Chloe, Taralee, Javi, Matthew, & Alane in their best Sister Act poses)
(Taralee, Javi, me, Matthew, Erin, and Chloe in confessionals. Group confessionals are the funnest.)
After the show we wandered around Times Square and ran into TONS of ads. It was awesome! They were everywhere and super huge! This was one of the smallest ones.
You have the take the typical picture on T.S., right?
While heading home on the subway GUESS WHO I FOUND?!?! HAWKEN VANCE! Talk about serendipity. It was wonderful to catch up and chat as we sweat to death on the subway. Love that guy.

Thursday morning we woke up bright and early to take Tara to some of our favorite places. Everyone else wanted to sleep in so we took off around 7 and pumped in as much as we possibly could over the next 5 hours until the others met up with us. We started at the Today Show.
And luckily for us, there was the most amazing farmers market on Gallivan Plaza! We met a man from Norway who made us a typical Norwegian breakfast of rye bread, butter, cheese, and cucumber. Can I just say how much I've missed the Scandinavian way of eating? It is the best.
We went to Tiffany and Co. where Tara tried on a $50,000 diamond and we drooled over the $500,000 diamond ring. We also went to some cathedrals, Nike Town, Saks 5th Ave., Anthro, Coach, Chanel, and watched a photo shoot for Dior.
But after all that shopping we had to fun really fast to the other end of the island for lunch at Max Brenners. Again, a must stop when in the city. My favorite part? One of my best friends from my growing up years met us there! We ordered real food but the main attraction was the personal s'more roasting station at our table. LOVE!
(Emmy and Javi's first meeting. I had been wanting them to meet for sooooo long. Luckily, she approved....even though it's too late now.)
Graham+peanut butter+mallow+chocolate sauce=unbelievable
We finished off the night by missing the show we had tickets to and bought last minute tickets to "Baby It's You". It was completely delightful. I'm glad it happened this way so we could go see it.
Pictures by a beer truck are sometimes necessary especially when it says:
It was a wonderful trip. We were sad to leave but we were definitely tired.
Until next time New York.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys! Is Javi gonna work for Univision?
    Too bad you are moving and we never had the opportunity to do something together:(

  2. And btw, I love your New York post! There's nothing like spending time with family and having a blast!:)