Friday, October 28, 2011

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Picture Post.  Except to say that the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta was one of the most magical days ever.  I really felt like we were witnessing magic every time another balloon went up.  I am so looking forward to next year especially because lots of the family is coming to visit for the big event next year!  Yeah!

Early Morning: the first balloons to go up!

 One of my favorites because it's pretty :)

 Mr. Penguin!
 Enjoying our first of many Balloon Fiesta's!

 The Creamland Dairy Cow
 Javi and Darth Vader.
 Humpty Dumpty and a Pink Elephant
 The Wells Fargo Stage Coach

 Many of the news crew from Univision.  The guy on the left of Javi is Alejandro.  Alejandro and the girl in front of him with the baby, Anna, are the 5:00 news anchors.  Javi's co-anchor didn't join us for the fun that day.  Bummer.  The other people are cameramen, sound engineers, and interns from UNM.  Javi certainly lucked out in the coworker department.

 The family of Bumble Bees!

Javi even had the chance to do a story from the air!  It was his first time in a Hot Air Balloon!  See that story here

So, who's coming next year?

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