Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Break Visitors

We always LOVE visitors. It was so fun to get to pick up the Mama on Wednesday night and then pick up the boy form of me (aka Mark) and his wife, Erin, on Thursday morning! We just played and played and played. It all started out with a trip to the news station. Javi gave a wonderful tour and found his wallet in the process! Silly boy. They look like naturals!
After the tour we took the family to our favorite "New Mexican Food" restaurant Little Anita's.  Oh my gosh.  We love it.  The enchiladas are amazing and the sopapillas are practically to die for.

We next enjoyed giving a tour of our little home here in Albuquerque.  Quickly after the home tour Javi took off to work and the four of us went to UNM for a meeting about my Master's in Elementary Education program that I'll be starting in January.  Mom, Mark, and Erin explored the campus while I sat in an ETERNAL meeting all about what exactly I'm getting into....and let me tell you....I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  Believe it or not, I can have my Master's completed in 1 year and 4 months.  If I can just crank through school it will happen that quickly, but if not, it will be ok.  We're not going anywhere very soon so what's the huge rush?  One of the most exciting parts is that I get to start working in schools in my second semester!  I love that this program is so based upon work in the schools rather than just learning the principles and not getting to try them out.  Every time I think about the program I kind of get butterflies.  That's how excited I am about it.

The family were total troopers as Thursday was kind of a day full of stuff to be done.  After the UNM afternoon, I had to head home to make soup for the Halloween Party we were throwing for our Young Women's organization.  I even enlisted Erin to teach the girls the dance to Thriller so that they could perform it at the Branch Halloween Party the next week and pass off a personal progress value experience.  They loved it.  Here's a picture of the girls in their awesome costumes:

That night, after Young Womens, I introduced the family to the GREEN SMOOTHIE.  After TONS of convincing I finally got the brother to take a sip and he was immediately hooked.  Then we played games and laughed our heads off.  Like, laughed so hard that it kind of hurt sometimes.  After games it was time for Erin and Mark to see Javi on the news for the first time.  They kept saying "this is so cool and weird to see him on the tv!".  It's true.  It is really cool and kind of weird.

Friday we took the Tram up almost 5,000 feet to Sandia Peak.  It was really as beautiful as everyone says.  I'm so glad we did it!

On the tram...high above the world :)
Javi really wanted to play with the souvenir penny machine.
Schlotzky's Deli used to be a favorite of our family when it was in Utah.  WE LOVE IT.  Albuquerque still has plenty of Schlotsky's and so lunch there was a must.  It didn't disappoint.  Do you see this sign?  It says "we start baking our bunz off before you even put your pants on."  Ha!

After lunch we took Javi home to head to work and we set out to explore the wonderful world of MARSHALL'S.  I love Marshall's.  I had no idea how much I loved it. 

Saturday brought visits to two of our favorite places: Slate Street Cafe and Old Town Albuquerque.  We were the saddest ever to see this afternoon end because we then had to take them all to the airport and say goodbye.  I hate that part.  In fact, it's not getting any easier.

Thanks for visiting!  We can't wait for you to come again!

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