Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well, the Real Madrid game is on which is great news for this little journal.  It means I get to post AGAIN today!  I'm almost caught up!  This is going great!

Two weekends ago Javi and I celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY.  What in the world happened to that year?  Time is just whizzing by us.  Pretty hard to believe.  
Our day consisted of lovely things here around Albuquerque.  We're not exactly made of money at this point in time and so we decided that we would take in all of the fun things that the ABQ has to offer.  Our day went a little like this:

Sleep In.
Brunch at Slate Street Cafe (best banana bread and pumpkin pancakes in the whole world.)
Albuquerque Temple
Massages - courtesy of Rand and Sue-Thanks guys!
Nap Time
Get gussied up
Dinner at The Savoy - courtesy of Javi's boss who happens to be the father of the kids I nanny-Thanks Jeff and Jackie!
Salsa Dancing (we ate too much...dancing became impossible)
Red Box movie in sweats and blankies

It really was a lovely day and we were very, very spoiled to have the two most expensive parts of our day paid for by someone else!  It made our anniversary that much more relaxing and wonderful.  I am just incredibly grateful for this man I'm married to.  I become more and more grateful every single day.  You all would not believe how patient this guy is.  He has yet to raise his voice or argue with me and he still kisses me like it's our first kiss.  He makes everything so exciting and fun...for example...he is in the bedroom right now watching the Real Madrid game and squealing like a little girl.  He makes me giggle.  He is constantly grabbing hold of me and dancing with me in the living room or kitchen.  One of our favorite games is to grab his guitar after work and he plays this song he made up and we have to make up the lyrics telling the other about our day.  We get laughing so hard...who knew our days were so entertaining!?  He might be embarrassed that I'm writing this...then again, he doesn't read this blog...he dances all the time.  I get a full on dance number almost every day.  Whether it's clogging, salsa, or our favorite: Young Ambassador dancing, he never disappoints.  I must note, for memories sake, that many of the dance numbers end in injury.  Accidentally kicking the wall, kneeing the table, and tripping on chairs have all brought dance numbers to an end.  They are pretty much the best ever.

I loved the first home I got to share with him.  I am grateful for how understanding he was during my first year cooking fiasco's.  I love hearing him laugh.  One of my favorite things is hearing him on the phone with his Mom.  They are quite the hilarious duo and I can't help but eavesdrop.  I adore watching him play soccer.  He is so athletic and I just pray that our children end up with a slight bit of their father's athleticism.  I love his voice.  He is so talented and can sing anything.  I'm really grateful for a husband who can and will sing to me.  I love watching this guy on the news.  I fall in love with him every night at 10:00 all over again.  I often wonder how many other women watch him anchor the news and fall in love with him too?  He is so charming and lovable at his job.  He makes me laugh and I'm grateful for a husband who is so positive and jolly.  I can't imagine living here in New Mexico with anyone but him.  He makes it so enjoyable.  He lights up the house whenever he is home.  I am grateful for the way that he supports my dreams.  He is just as excited as I am about starting my Master's.  Education is important to him and I really appreciate that.  Really, I'll just say it: he is a dream come true.  I often find myself thinking that I don't deserve him but I'm sure grateful that he's mine.

Love you, husband.


  1. I'm in love with this post. I love when you post about why you love Javi... it's like your own fairy tale dreamland in REAL life. Like, you REALLY get to live with that prince at the end of the movie! You deserve it, too. :) I'm happy for you, and so happy your life in NM is going well.

  2. Happy (late) Anniversary Annalece! I enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad you have such a wonderful sweet man to spend eternity with :)