Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today is really...

Today is really happy and really sad.  It is happy because this child:
has returned from serving his mission.  He is the closest thing I have to a little brother.  He is hilarious and I love him lots.

Today is really sad because I'm still stuck in the Land of Enchantment away from the excitement of Colton's return.

BUT today is really happy because I got completely caught up on the laundry AND the ironing.

But it's really sad because the family is eating at my favorite restaurant right now..Old Spaghetti Factory.

But it's really happy because today I received an email from Expedia giving me my "final flight plans" for Saturday Morning when I will fly home and wake the sleeping missionary bright and early with my charming smile and loud voice.

But it's really sad because probably the next three days are going to take FOREVER.  

But it's really happy and it's mostly happy.  It's not really that sad at all because days like today, the sad parts get overshadowed by the happy parts and there's just alot of happy.

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