Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valencia County Fair

You know you live in the lovely dessert when there can be an outdoor county fair in February.
Sweet husband had to go and stand at the Univision tent and sign autographs for his silly "fans".  It was so funny to watch total strangers walk up to him, as if they're best friends, and give him big hugs.  It's so cute.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Belen!
 I had never seen funnel cakes be made before.  The girl that owns the tent kept asking me if I was going to order one.  Boy....did I want to!
 Once you paid to get in, all the food was FREE!  (Except OF COURSE the funnel cakes)  The lines were very, very long and the two times we made it to the front of the lines, they ran out of food.  Blast!
 Watching the pork being prepared was a very interesting and very disturbing experience.  Eek.

Javi had been asked to judge the "specialty dishes" cooking competition.  There were some gorgeous dishes.  He was in heaven.  He loved everything he ate.  Naturally, he scored everyone really highly.  I'm not sure he was the best choice for a food judge considering that he LOVES everything he eats.  He's a good eater.

While daddy ate loads of food, baby and I drank a large amount of amazing lemonade and laughed at daddy's love of everything edible.
 Until next year, Valencia County!


  1. That looks so fun! You are a strong person to resist a funnel cake :)

  2. You look beautiful being a mother!!!