Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Baby: You Are ONE!!!

I am at a loss for words as to how this has happened. 
One year ago right now, we were going to bed for the last time as simply husband and wife. 
The next morning we became Mommy and Papi. 
YOUR Mommy and Papi. 
It was impossible for us to understand, at that time, the amount that our hearts would swell. 
We couldn't imagine how deeply we could feel for another person. 
We were unaware of our capacity to love. 

 Because of you, little one, we now know. 

 In this year you have learned to open your eyes. 
You have learned to use your hands. 
You can hold up your own head. 
You have learned to sit up. 
You have learned to get around. 
You have learned how to tease. 
You have learned how to say "uh-oh, Mama, Papa, bye-bye, hello", and our favorite "UNO!" 
You have discovered how fun it is to have people. 
You have learned, perhaps even more than I have, that simply noticing someone's existence can make them feel like a million bucks. 
You understand conversation and how to make it. 
You sing in your head-voice. 
You holler like a Spaniard. 
You play with your curls. 
You have discovered the enjoyment of throwing things.
You give loves 
and you kiss. 
You are an expert Skype talker (thanks to your parents moving you far away from family) 
You have traveled on upwards of 30 flights and several road trips. 
You have moved from New Mexico to Arizona. 
You make friends wherever you go. 
 You make us 
 laugh more
 cry more 
sing more 
hug more 
dance more 
love more 
and know our Heavenly Father more. 
 I see Him and His angels in your eyes. 
Your purity and goodness comes through loud and clear. 
I want to be like you in every way. 
 Thanks for making me a Mom and thanks for making it so much fun. 
Happy Numero Uno!

Photography by the incredible Aimee Hernandez
contact me for her information


  1. She is so beautiful! Congrats to you all on a wonderful first year together! :)

  2. Oh, she is just so beautiful! I love her sweet little face. Happy Birthday to Celine, hope you had a wonderful day together as a family. Can't believe it has already been a year. Can't wait to see you guys again and to see Celine again.