Tuesday, October 21, 2014

True Love

This is enough to make me want to sit down and have a good cry.
Can you imagine sacrificing your life for hundreds of thousands of people that will never even 
love you?
or say thank you?
or acknowledge what you had done?

It seems that His name is used more to make fun or to show anger than in reverence.
Can you even imagine???
Go ahead and put yourself in His shoes for a hot sec.

So, what can I do to make sure that He knows that I love Him 
and that I am so grateful for His sacrifice -
the greatest sacrifice of all?

That's partly why I'm here - on this blog.
I love Jesus.
You might as well know it
but I hope that I don't have to type it out for you to know it.
Hopefully you already know it
and HOPEFULLY, by my being here, you can come to love Him too.

I'm not sure that there is anything more important that I could do with my life than to love Jesus and help others to do the same.
So, if you don't love Him right now, try to.
Kneel down and say a prayer
or open the Bible and read in Matthew 27 and just get an idea of the humiliation that He suffered for you and me.

Let's just try to love Him and see what He can do with us.
He will make us greater than we could ever imagine
but we have to love Him.
It should be easy for He loved us first.

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